Step 1: Getting Diagnosed

-contact your PCP

-stating concerns of ASD

Step 2: Finding a testing center:

-Dennis Developmental


-The Learning Center (if your child is currently enrolled)

-Dash (will have to have diagnosis from MD & SLP)

-Renew (will have to have diagnosis from MD & SLP)

Step 3: Finding a ABA Clinic

-Inner Circle Autism Network



-Palma Academy

-Social Space



Educational Based Clinic Services

-80/20 Learning for Autism

-The Learning Center


Other Resources:

  • Getting connected with your local DDS Nurse
  • Medicaid Transportation Reimbursement
  • Free diapers/pull ups
  • Autism Waiver
  • CES Waiver
  • CO-OP (Educational Cooperatives)
  • Centers For Exceptional Families
  • AR Life Span Respite
  • Transition Program at Arkansas State

EIDT Centers:

-The Learning Center

-Miracle Kids

-AR Kids


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